Joey George first arrived to New York City from Oxford, Pennsylvania to pursue a career as a ballet dancer.  His studies took a different direction but his passion to create art has remained. Joey has morphed his many talents of technical hair skills, painting, sculpting, and art history to become known as one of the most innovative hairstylists today. 

In 2014, Joey’s creative talents captured the attention of Lady Gaga and his hand crafted, painted wigs became a style icon for her ARTPOP world tour.

Joey’s energy, expertise and experimental mentality attracted Oribe Hair Care. Throughout 2015 and 2016, Joey was signed with Oribe as their international educator, teaching workshops around the world and sharing his talent. He spent time as their Product Development Consultant, delivering new merchandise to the brand’s line, and also as their Global Ambassador.

Joey’s creative work is not only seen throughout the pages of fashion magazines, but is extended onto canvases inside his personal scrapbooks or onto the clothing he wears. He uses multiple platforms to direct and express his visions, which keeps him in demand from top designers and photographers.

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